Get the Most from RavePoint During COVID-19

RavePoint continues to add new solutions to better support you through the COVID-19 pandemic and with your vaccine rollout plans. Check out the summary below for an update on new features and useful information to help your practice in this unprecedented time.

Phase 1
Take Immediate Action
phase 1 bell curve

The early stage of the curve is a crucial time for your practice to prepare for a new “normal”. Use this time to get proactive in assuring your patients that you will be ready to provide care throughout the duration of the pandemic.

Communicate Updates to Patients
Use the Email Broadcast feature to notify your entire patient panel with information pertaining to your updated policies and procedures, making very clear their ability to text-chat with your practice through your practice's dedicated text number.
Modify Appointment Instructions
Work with your RavePoint success coach to modify appointment instructions to align with desired check-in. If patient is coming in for appointment, have them text your practice when they’ve arrived. They can remain in their vehicle until your staff notifies them by text that they are ready to be seen.
Clear Your Schedule
The impact of COVID-19 has resulted in many practices needing to temporarily clear their schedule. RavePoint’s Appointment Cancellation makes this simple by allowing for cancellations to be set across a range of dates.
Pause Notifications
In the event your practice needs to temporarily shut down RavePoint’s single Master Pause Button  (available Apr 12th under MANAGE FEATURES ) temporarily disables all reminder notifications. When you’re ready to resume your normal activities simply disable the pause.
Phase 2
Stay Connected in the Curve
phase 2 bell curve

The peak of the curve is where social distancing measures can result in diminished appointment volume, utilization of fewer staff, and a greater dependency on remote communication. Successfully weathering the peak will be key to ensuring your practice can efficiently ramp back up when the time is right.

Remote Communication
Staying connected amidst social distancing guidelines can be a challenge. RavePoint’s Text-Chat Conversations feature allows you to continue to directly engage you’re your patients 1-on-1. Leverage RavePoint’s Alerts feature to receive notifications whenever a patient texts your practice and never miss a message.
Add Telehealth Links to Reminders
With the possibility of reduced in-person visits, telehealth could be a viable means of providing care to your patients. Work with your RavePoint success coach to include telehealth meeting links in your patient’s appointment reminders.
Equip Patients with Accredited Information
RavePoint’s SHARE service is a way to keep people Safe, Healthy, Aware, Ready, and Engaged. This service disseminates accredited content (e.g., COVID-19 info) received from partners such as the CDC, through RavePoint’s own media.
Stay in Touch
Send weekly email newsletters to your patients to let them know you are thinking of them as well as providing updates on your practices policies and procedures through the peak.
Phase 3
Maximize Patient Care
phase 3 bell curve

Now that you’ve weathered the peak and vaccines are available, you need to prepare patients for what’s next! Let patients know you’re open, guide them on how they can best receive care, and keep them informed on your vaccine distribution plans.

Manage Vaccine Rollout NEW
Organize your vaccination rollout plan using Waitlist Management. Patients desiring vaccinations can be added to your waitlist and will be notified immediately when a slot becomes open. You control when (date, time, duration) slots are made available while RavePoint automatically matches openings to patients waiting to be seen. RavePoint even allows you to prioritize those patients most-in-need by offering available vaccination slots to them first.
Keep Patients informed
Keeping patients informed with the latest information on COVID –19 and vaccine distribution is key to maintaining a positive patient experience during this time. Mass Message gives you the tools to reach specific groups of patients with intelligent & targeted messaging in one simple send.
Get Patients Rescheduled for Care
Fill my Schedule Now provides a solution with intelligent and targeted messaging to generate appointment requests at scale. Add even more smarts by leveraging Patient self-scheduling links giving your patients the ability to book appointments directly 24/7 (available with direct integration to your PM platform)!
Verify Confirmations
Utilize Calendar View to monitor your schedule as well as ensure that patients are confirming their appointments.