Partner Programs

RavePoint's Partner Programs

Whether you're looking to integrate RavePoint technology seamlessly into your existing practice management or electronic health-record platform, provide added value to your membership, or maximize your customers’ information technology systems, RavePoint offers a diverse array of integration and industry alliance partnerships for your consideration.

Practice Management and EHR Companies

Rapidly augment your offering by including sophisticated patient-engagement technology without incurring the burden of development.

RavePoint’s cornerstone is its bidirectional platform-to-platform interoperability. Our vendor-agnostic API engine can connect to every system, accept every format, and support every protocol, including the latest HL7® FHIR® standard.

Interoperability extends beyond technical specification: From white-label options and an adaptive billing model to efficient, effective customer onboarding and post-conversion support, RavePoint’s Partner Program for Practice Management and Electronic Health Record has you covered.

With RavePoint, you experience generous revenue sharing and gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace by offering your customers complete, fully automated Patient-Relationship Management.

Member Organizations

RavePoint helps keep your members’ schedules full, their patients notified, and their practices running smoothly so they can focus on who really matters.

Today’s evolutionary healthcare environment can prove challenging as your members strive to provide high-quality care and remain apprised of legislation, regulation, data, technology, and other issues. That’s where you come in.

RavePoint adds value to your membership by allowing your members to take advantage of your association’s collective negotiating strength, with exclusive incentives on our patient-facing engagement technology and complimentary access to SHARE.

With RavePoint, your members experience stronger patient-physician relationships and your community benefits from our public health education SHARE Initiatives.

Healthcare IT VAR’s

Help physicians and office managers in your area achieve their business objectives by lowering the cost and maximizing the performance of their information-technology systems.

As their needs are constantly changing, your healthcare customers depend on you to provide them information on technology solutions that benefit their business requirements. RavePoint’s VAR program provides incentives for introducing RavePoint Patient-Relationship Management to your customers.

Our flexible program offers a range of benefits and compensation based on your level of participation plus assistance with initial implementation, training, and ongoing support.